The Fatbirds

"Be enchanted by mystical piano melodies compelling guitar riffs, funky bass and tight beats.
A bird has to fly.."

The Fatbirds Music band Dream Pop Pop rock Desert pop


The Fatbirds are an up-and-coming pop band originating from Belgium. Consisting of members Sarah, Stef, Bob, Dries, and Brecht, The Fatbirds seeks to create music that will make people connect with the world and feel every note, lyrics, and rhythm. Their music is inspired by Sarah’s dreams, the lead singer. Moreover, their style and sound will engage anyone due to their relatability and simplicity. Rising like a meteorite in the Belgian music scene, The Fatbirds have a versatile sound that will encapsulate anyone around the globe and differentiate them from many other artists. Inspired by different genres, artists, and experiences. Aiming to play the biggest festivals and top the charts, The Fatbirds are here to stay and are set to leave their imprint in the music scene.


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Upcoming shows

18/01/20 Preselectie Humo's Rock Rally 2020 | Het Depot, Leuven

21/02/20 Sojo Sounds

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